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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They will lie about us.

Tomorrow, April 15th there will be a Tea Party protest held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The protesters will assemble at Fountain Square and march, peacefully to City Hall. The picture to your left is of the Tea Party we held at fountain square on March 15th. There were over 5,000 people crowding the square peaceably protesting the insane spending of the Obama administration and one Obama supporter. So who did the first media on the scene latch on to? Yup, the lone Obama supporter. You can read more about that here. The rumor is that there will be counter protesters at the Tea Party, some of them pretending to be Tea Party protesters and will be misbehaving and displaying signs with ridiculous messages in an attempt to discredit the Tea Party movement. This a typical tactic of the left and I hope that all those in attendance have heeded the warning not to react to these folks except to point them out as frauds. They will not be subtle, their goal will be to get media coverage and to try and portray the actual protesters as racists, as violent or in favor of censorship or any other nasty thing they can think of. The media will of course fall for it hook line and sinker, because most of them are unaware that they are being played like a cheap fiddle. As far as the media is concerned, mainly television media, the truth is secondary to a good story. I will be working tomorrow, but I hope to catch the end of the protest as it wraps up at City Hall. But do not despair, your buddy Scootertrash will have boots on the ground and I will have a full report!


At Tuesday, April 14, 2009, Blogger J.M. Rob said...

Yep. There will be lies. Bring it on.


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