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Scootertrash Conservative

Saturday, September 08, 2012

I spent the labor day weekend in Cleveland and again attended the Hungarian Scout Festival. I was mistaken for no less than three people. Apparently I resemble a person named George, one named Maury and Yvette's husband. I spoke two Hungarian phrases and was understood and told my accent was good. In speaking Hungarian, accent is very important since Hungarians are not used to non-Hungarians speaking the language. Every time I go the scout festival, I feel a little more at home. All in all it was a lovely weekend. Birthday dinner at Mortons, the Cleveland Air Show and of course Grandpa's cheese barn. I look forward to Labor Day weekend every year with my wife, mother and this year my sister and niece. If you've never been to the Hungarian Scout Festival, and you likely haven't, give it a try, it is a unique experience. It's at German Central Park in Parma Ohio on the Sunday before Labor Day.


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